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Gorillaz —

Featuring The One And Only Grace Jones

I‘m Thomas —

Nice To Meet You. It's About To Get Personal

Thomas Walter Is A Digital Design Studio I create digital ideas, products and experiences for small and large companies, without the creative agency price tag. Up to the present day — everything I do comes from one hand, that is quite efficient!

My Process —

No Doubt — I Like To Think Outside The Box

Seal —

A Timeless Track About The Human Being


And Help The Doctors Without Borders
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Tears For Fears —

Their Debut Album From 1981 Still Rocks My Heart

I Make Design —

I Make Unique User Experience That Works Best For Each Project

I Make Strategy —

I Help You Shape New Perspectives For Better Storytelling

David Bowie —

Thanks for So Many Great Memories — RIP!

The Real Question Is, What Don't I Do? For starters, I don't do connections such as payment systems, booking systems, reservation systems, domain reservation and I don‘t do wordpress!

Record Player —

Let Me Take You Back To The Great 80‘s Music Decade

Nike —

A Microsite To Celebrate 15 Years Of SB Dunk

Awwwards —

Find More Information About Their Coming Live Events
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Awwwards —

Looking For A Great Place Were All Talents Come Together
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Grandmaster Flash —

It's Like A Jungle Sometimes, It Makes Me Wonder...

My Career —

Download Resumé


I Build Unique And Responsive User Experience

Interactive CV —

Have A Look At My Older, Interactive CV
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I Can Build Fancy Stuff If You Want Unfortunately, most people stick to the same old routine design — but if you really insist — I do it!

Unsplash —

Find Beautiful High Quality Free Images And Photos For Your Next Project
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Von Allmen —

A Web Redesign For The Traditional Trust Company
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Björk —

Unique, Wonderful And Always On Edge Of Craziness

Sketch —

I Handle Sketch Well. But Being A Part Coder Makes That Step Not Absolutely Necessary

Sporty And Casual —

My Dress Code Is Sneakers, Jeans And Headphones

I Make Development —

As Coder And Designer, I Work Hard So That Both Disciplines Harmony Together

Stereo MC‘s —

Boy... I Do Really Like This Song

Version 01 —

My Previous Digital Design Studio Site
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Adobe Creative —

I Use Adobe Creative Suite For Faster And Better Design Looks

Toro Clean —

A One Page Website Redesign Proposal
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I Make Content —

I Make Sure That The Copy Aligns With The Other Columns

Say Hello —

Want To Create Great Things Together?

LinkedIn —

Let‘s Connect On
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